My name is Asif Muhammad. I’m a Global Investor & a Serial Entrepreneur.

For me, success in business is all about finding a balance between opposing forces: the creative and the realistic, the personal and the professional, the dream and the reality. No two businesses are the same and no single business ever stays the same but there are certain constants: you need vision, the right people with the right skills, and investment.


Entrepreneur since ever…

I founded my first business at the age of 8 and since then I have been involved in a multitude of ventures – either as an investor, entrepreneur, or Board member – across the world including the UK, Australia, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Dubai and the Far East. 


My passion is working with entrepreneurs to help their businesses develop and prosper.

My aim, and that of my team, is to reach as many business owners as possible and work with them to achieve their goals through expansion, investment, financial engineering and business sales.


Our extensive experience could give your business the edge it needs, so if you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact me.


• Strategic planning and bold informed decision-making
•  Team leadership & development
• Financial engineering and modelling for business turnaround

• Investment for start-ups & growing businesses
• Savvy Investor & Entrepreneur
• Extensive board level experience 





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