About me

As an entrepreneurial investor, I see money as just one of the ways to help my partners grow their businesses. Money allows me to take a position in enterprises I believe in but is only a means to an end: that my partners realise and release their potential. So while I focus my experience and financial and strategic know-how on the business – giving it legitimacy for other investment if needed – my partners are freed up to take advantage of new opportunities.  


Sometimes I invest after in-depth analysis, sometimes people come to me and sometimes serendipity happens – a chance meeting on a holiday in Italy led me to invest in a farm! But what matters in every case is the depth of the owner’s connection with their business and my personal connection with them.


What I offer is very simple: my belief that 1 + 1 should make 3. The intangible value that is created by finding the right partner cannot be emphasised enough.


From investment to business sales, from strategic advice to turn-arounds, my team and I are on-hand to help you.

“It is true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to success.”

Napoleon Hill