Why work with me...

This is the heart of the matter.


 In the first place, this is all about trust. Integrity and probity are baked into my qualifications as a financial expert. They are also the underpinnings of my personal values which I compare to fingerprints: no two are the same but we leave them on everything we do!


Secondly the investment I can bring in cash, people, resources, leverage, skills or network  - in any combination. This is determined by what is needed to help potential business partners achieve their goals. In essence, my goal is to change my clients’ lives for the better by helping develop or transform their business.


And finally, life is too short to be working with people you do not get on with! I believe in personal relationships – many of my former clients and partners have become life-long friends.

“There is no lack of resources, only lack of resourcefulness.

Tony Robbins